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City Fiduciary Group (Baikie and Alcantara)

For decades, Baikie & Alcantara has been helping investors pursue their financial goals by providing solid investment strategies and by putting the investor first. 

In the beginning Royal Drum Baikie, the company’s namesake desired to provide the Santa Cruz area with an investment firm that would make available wall street investments to the local clientele without them having to travel to San Francisco. Mr. Baikie,  like many Scots, was a lover of the links and enjoyed playing the Santa Cruz, California area courses when he was not busy working in the Bay area.  In 1935 Mr. Baikie’s vision came to fruition when he opened the doors to the first, and for many years the only, investment firm in Santa Cruz County.  In the early days stock prices were tracked on an enormous chalkboard in the office.

Client Centered

Joseph R. Alcantara, who joined the firm in 1940, was widely known as a savior of the local hospital.  In 1949, Mr. Alcantara said he was called to the home of a wealthy investor, who ordered him to buy up stock in the old Santa Cruz hospital on Soquel Avenue.  The Story goes that the investor reckoned he would get a “cool million” when he sold it later, or even shut it down if he didn’t get his price.  Rather than follow the unnamed investor’s advice, Mr. Alcantara bought the shares himself for $75,469, then sold them to the Dominican Sisters for exactly what he paid.  Mr. Alcantara later served as president of the local hospital, president of its lay advisory board and was an honorary life member.  

In 1954 Joe Alcantara hired Mary Stagnaro fresh out of Santa Cruz high school to update stock prices, with chalk & eraser, on the “big board”.  She recalls that she was recruited to the business because she knew how to speak Italian, and the firm had many Italian clients.  Aside from taking time off in the early 1960s to raise her two daughters, Stagnaro was with the firm for over 45 years, becoming a licensed securities dealer in 1984 and retiring in 2001.

In a 1965 article in the Santa Cruz Sentinel, the company founder recalled that when the business opened in the middle of the Depression, one banker estimated it would only be in business four to six months.  

“It has been a most interesting 30 years,” he declared at the time.  

In May of 1985 Lee Thoma, now President Emeritus of Baikie & Alcantara, Inc., joined the firm after many years at a national brokerage house.  From the beginning Lee has helped Baikie & Alcantara maintain the same vision with which Mr. Baikie started the firm with so many decades ago.  

In June of 2007 Baikie & Alcantara brought on two partners, Nicholas Taggart and G. Scott Lowe.  Both Nick and Scott started their careers in the financial world with an international full service investment firm.  After realizing their clients’ needs were out growing their firm, they formed Taggart Lowe Investments.

Client Centered

Nick and Scott, came in contact with Lee Thoma of Baikie & Alcantara and found a kinship that sprouted from the same vision of Mr. Baikie.  Lee, Nick and Scott felt that the partnership was a natural fit and Taggart Lowe merged with Baikie & Alcantara. Another partner, Matt Pulsipher joined the group shortly after Nick left to pursure other opportunities. Matt Pulsipher and Scott Lowe are the new principles of Baike and Alcantara. Matt and Scott are also managing partners of City Fiduciary Group, another firm that has a long history of providing financial advice.

Throughout the years Baikie & Alcantara has had some great investment brokers and stock advisors come through its doors. Many are still current clients of the firm. Matt and Scott are devoted to keeping the legacy of Baikie and Alcantara for many years to come.

City Fiduciary Group (Baikie and Alcantara)

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Client Centered

Client Centered

Whether you are investing to build wealth, protect your family, or preserve your assets, our personalized service focuses your needs, wants, and long-term goals.

Our team of professionals have years of experience in financial services. We can help you address your needs of today and for many years to come. We look forward to working with you.