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Our Goal is to provide professional, accurate, affordable, tax preparation and planning. We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of integrity and professionalism in our relationship with you, our client. 

What we offer:

  • Standard tax preparation services
  • Full-service tax preparation services
  • Tax-related financial products
  • Financial consulting and advisory services
  • Income tax compilation services

What we offer:

  • Bookkeeping Services
  • Payroll Services
  • Income tax return preparation services
  • Basic tax preparation services
  • Business tax preparation services

Tanya Carter

Tanya Carter has been preparing taxes for more than 30 years. Tanya brings a wealth of tax knowledge and experience to CFG. Along with tax preparation, Tanya will also help clients with bookkeeping and payroll services

Tanya looks forward to the future and along with City Fiduciary Group our clients will always have quality tax representation, and financial services available.

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Karen Quick L.T.C., E.A.

Karen is an Oregon Licensed Tax Consultant and an Enrolled Agent with the Internal Revenue Service. She has been practicing in Vancouver, Washington for over 30 years and has an extensive client base throughout the US and several foreign countries.


Joseph Parzick E.A.

Joseph was born and raised in Connecticut. Joe graduated from Lowell Tech Institute in 1971 receiving a BS in Industrial Management, and minoring in Accounting and Finance. Joining the Army in 1973, stationed in Landstuhl, Germany, many of his peers could not prepare their state income taxes, so Joe volunteered to prepare their taxes; hence a tax preparation career started.

Joe received his MBA from Portland State University in 1989 and in 1992 became an Oregon Licensed Tax Preparer. Joe spent five years working as an Internal Revenue Agent and obtained the Enrolled Agent credential after leaving the service.

Joe looks forward to preparing taxes each year. Joe’s hobbies include hunting, fishing, cooking, motorcycle riding, and fixing older motor vehicles.

CFG Tax Services - strives to provide excellent service at a reasonable cost. Our pricing reflects the comprehensive nature of the financial services we provide. The fees we charge are on an individual basis according to your individual circumstances, so it is difficult to quote exact pricing without reviewing your personal information. 


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